Hypnosis Associates
of Central Florida
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About Us

Rosemarie, her husband Hans and their two children live in Winter Springs Florida.  Having lived in Florida for over 25 years she lays claim to being an original “Florida Cracker”.  Rosemarie is a Christian Counselor and has helped many families and individual's overcome thought process issues and find lasting happiness and fulfillment.  Her goal in becoming a Certified Hypnotist was to help others recognize that you can take back control of your life, your family and your happiness. 


Jessica, a mother of three has been an Oviedo resident for over 22 years.  She loves working in the community that she sees thriving daily.  Jessica studied Speech Pathology and Audiology in College and is uniquely aware of how audio input into the subconscious mind can create life long positive changes.  Her goal when she became a Certified Hypnotist was to continue to help clients make positive changes that not only impact their lives but those of their families and friends as well.  

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